you are very welcome to join
Much love, sampatti


More good news!!!

Transmission of Light is now available in Finland



Good news!!!!

Good news, my friends,

Highest Protection is now available in CHINA!

This frequency is a tremendous support for all the people on the path.

Every human being is born a with its full potential ready to explode and manifest. We are in fact born as wonderful beings full of light with the potential to live a life full of blissfulness and fullfillment. Unfortunately we all grow up in a society , which does not allow us to develop our potential. The society needs workers, not geniuses. It does not need free individuals.

When we begin our journey of discovery of our own true being, we are facing a tremendous resistence from the world around us (which has a big investment, that we should not find our true possibilities) . We are also facing a resistence from our own unconsciousness, which believes in the conditioning that has been transplanted into our minds. ( We ourselves might  believe that freedom is not possible for us).

The frequency of “Highest Protection” is a very powerful support in all situations where we are breaking through into a new dimension of being. It helps to eliminate negative and harmful influences from your body and mind very quickly, and then creates a protective shield around you, so  that nothing harmful can enter you without your consent. This does not mean, that you will never again experience pain( sometimes pain is needed to grow) but it does mean, that you have a very very powerful support for your break-through.

The frequency of Highest Protection  is the most important of all the frequencies we know in the transmission of light.
It protects you on all levels of being: body/mind, spirit and your soul.


It has been a long time since I wrote …
it is like this:

when you are busy living your life
you dont find the time to write about it

During April and May we were in Japan
with Earth Guardian Circle,
for a training
and we were building up the field on different powerspots.

Wow… it is almost impossible to describe the feeling
we have
when Earth receives us
and answers
to our transmissions.

click  here to see
and read about our adventures.


Dear friends,

You are welcome to join anytime… .

On 19th of January we will begin the transmission with ” Grace” , the frequency that lifts us to a different and higher level of being. “Grace is the levitating force of the universal consciousness, and we can see in those who have come i tune with existence, how they walk gracefully, talk gracefully, eat and sleep gracefully. Every one of their acts is full of grace and being near its vibration we are uplifted.
This “being lifted up, is not something we “deserve” but a gift of grace.
We are so much loved.

I want to share with you how to receive, absorb and transmit the frequencies of light. We will see how the frequency of light can enrich our lives on all levels: body/mind, spiritual heart, and soul being.
I want to make the transmission openly available for everyone who feels that he/she can benefit from it.
In my own life it has been such a blessing.

To benefit most from this transmission I recommend that you use the energized ” Grace”crystal ball ( http://www.oshanshu.net/meditation-and-conscoiusness/energized-crystal-ball.html )

To give you a taste, for those of you, who do not have the energized crystal, I am going to transmit the frequency “ Grace” for 3 days, (starting on Jan 19th till Jan Jan 21, twice daily from 10am to 11 am and from 4 to 5 pm…..
time in Germany, you will have to find out the corresponding time in your country…
You can tune in with your invocation as described in the link below. The invocation will make you available for the transmission I am sending you from here.

When I am sending you the frequency, at the same time, in your own place, sit in a comfortable position, with time enough to be undisturbed, and start your invocation. Then we meditate together as described in the link above (Nadabrahma meditation), and the frequency will reach to everyone who is tuned in and ready to receive.

To enter the transmission click on the link:


If you want to be part of the transmission please  leave your names here ( in the comments)

My dear friends,
with all my love,
may every one of your days be filled with love and blissfulness

A Mirror

You’ve no idea how hard I’ve looked for a gift to bring You.
Nothing seemed right.
What’s the point of bringing gold to the gold mine,
or water to the Ocean.
Everything I came up with
was like taking spices to the Orient.
It’s no good giving my heart and my soul
because you already have these.
So- I’ve brought you a mirror

* Rumi



dedicated to  Osho`s  vision of  the  ” New Man”

with love and gratitude
thank you OSHO