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Transmission of Light
Part 1:  Roots and Wings
Transmission of Light is a wonderfully light, yet deep, path for those who feel  that the so-called normal way of life, which is just work and money and the fight for survival, cannot be all there is to life. It is for all those who feel a deep inner longing and who are looking for the deeper meaning of life.

With the help of energized crystals, oils and essences you will be able to absorb spiritually nourishing energy, the frequency of light. You will become attuned to the deeper layers of your being, and slowly, gently, awaken your inner body of light. New vistas, new possibilities a totally new way of life can and will appear, if you allow it.


Transmission of Light is a path into a totally different world, the world of inner peace and blissfulness. You will find yourself to be part of the all-loving existence. You will dive into the world of the deeply nourishing frequencies of light and there is nothing you have to DO, just to be receptive is enough ….. the light pours in and transforms your whole being. You will see how peaceful, easy, happy and exciting your life can be, if you wish so.
The Transmission of these seven days is totally dedicated to you. At the same time it is part one of the training to be a transmission of light practitioner, a medium and light worker, for those who are interested. You will receive a certificate.

Place:                 Haus Ebersberg, Ebersbergstr. 27, 34596 Bad Zwesten / Wenzigerode, GERMANY
Investment:      500.-Euro, for the workshop
                           (450,- Euro  if you sign up before  31. 12. 2011)
                 plus food and stay.  please book these directly here http://www.haus-ebersberg.de 
Booking:           until latest 15th March 2011  here:  laxmi@oshanshu.net
                           or by phone:  0049-6772-9186442

 More info:       https://tol44.wordpress.com/    oder    http://www.oshanshu.net/

Please bring:   a small torch (white light), a notebook, comfortable clothing and an open heart  


happy to meet you soon, with much love, sampatti


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Hi friends,
by the end of december 2011 the Saturday Night Market will start in Arpora, Goa.
I will be there to give readings and light transmission.
Sampatti crystals of light and jewelry will be available.
looking forward to see you there!
much love, sampatti


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Dear friends , you are very welcome to join.
We will experience  meditation with energized crystals, exploring the “Remembrance” energy, “Highest Protection”, and “Peace that Passeth understanding”. These are three frequencies from the Field of Awakenig, and will support us to allow our true life energy and powerful being of light to express itself fully… We will also use oils of light, essences of light and learn to use invocation, massage and  light transmission. And we are going to have lots of FUN!  be sure, this weekend is going to be FAR OUT!

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Dear friends , on 11th of Sept. we will start an ongoing “Earth Guardian Circle ” Transmission around the world. Anyone can participate. We will have a Skype Video transmission for those of you who want to participate. For those who dont have Skype, you are very welcome to join the meditation part.
We will receive the wavelength of Love and Gratitude for 20 Minutes, then send it to our beautiful blue planet.
The meditation starts at 10 am and ends 10.40 am.

you can jon through facebook   http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=284658091550405#!/event.php?eid=284658091550405
In the next few days please watch there for more info ……
or connect through a reply here on this post.
The Frequency of Love and gratitude is the spark of CREATION. Mr. Masaru Emoto (watercrystals) has found, that the frequency of love and gratitude can even heal radioactive water in such a way, that it turns into healthy water. This is almost a miracle!It is powerful!
This first transmision is dedicated to our friends in Japan, and to the afflicted area around Fukushima.
Lets share our love, our gratitude.
Lets us be part of CONSCiOUS CREATION of heaven on Earth

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Dear friends, you are very welcome to join:

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Dear friends,
you are very welcome to join,
much love,

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